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How to Select a Suitable Funeral Home

Posted on 08 November 2018 by admin (0)

The death of a loved one is one of the difficult but inevitable events you will have to deal with in life. So long you have a family and friends, you will never be able to escape this reality that one day a loved one will pass away and you will have to go through the loss. It thus behooves you to prepare for such a loss, to minimize the pain that comes with it. Knowing where to turn to if, no, when a loved one passes away is the first bold step towards dealing with the sorrow.

It could be you have just lost a loved one, or sees it happening soon, and is wondering which funeral home is the best. A funeral home is a business that offers funeral services designed to help the bereaved to deal with the loss and come over it. They used to be called morgues, but over time the name became too painful to utter be the bereaved. So they were called mortuary, which also became painful. Now they are funeral homes and will soon be funeral parlors or just resting places.

You should select a funeral home that answers to your emotional needs. Not all funeral homes will provide the personalized services you may have in mind or at heart.

The following tips should guide you in selecting a funeral home:

Sympathetic Staff

The last thing you want is to have heartless, business-as-usual funeral directors to handle your pain. At a trying time like this, you need people who can understand the pain you are going through and can listen to you with sympathy. You want to see all other family members accorded respect as they pour down their tears.

Unfortunately, not all funeral homes have such staff which put personal touches to the services. Some, hardened by the hundreds of funerals they have handled, take any new one as business-as-usual without caring about the feelings of the bereaved. For instance, you want to see your loved one placed in the casket with dignity, not carelessly. You also want to hear the staff console you with such compassionate words as, “Death is like sleep” or “He has been promoted to glory.”

Take your time to talk to funeral directors from various funeral homes around you to decide which funeral home cares for the bereaved. You can also learn from the community about which funeral homes have bad reputations as far as handling the deceased or the bereaved are concerned.

Adequate Space

The funeral home you choose should be able to take in all the family and friends of the deceased. If the loved one was a prominent athletic or politician, he must have touched hundreds of lives and many moaners may want to be at the funeral service to pay their last respects. In that case, you should look for a spacious funeral home.

On the other hand, if you want a private funeral service, you should go for a funeral home that offers small but intimate rooms for the service.

A Centrally Located Funeral Home

You want the loved one’s other family members and friends to conveniently access the funeral home so it will not be helpful to choose one far from the bereaved community. The elderly might have to skip the function even if they had wished to be present. Bear in mind that some moaners rely on public transport to move around. The further the funeral home from them, the higher the cost of traveling.

Accommodates Your Special Needs

You should look for a funeral home that is willing to conduct the funeral service or rituals according to your cultural or religious background. After all, it is your background that defines you. The loved one had an identity in the society which you want to be reflected in the send-off procedures. If you are a Christian, you should select a funeral home with a chapel nearby. If you are a Muslim or an Indian, find the funeral homes that accommodate your religious beliefs and is willing to carry out your cultural wishes, be it cremation or any other need.

Bonus Tip

A funeral home may have all of the above but lack adequate facilities to carry them out. You should find out if the AP system is functional, the rooms are clean and neat, the devices up to date and the hearse roadworthy.